Welcome to United Youth 4 Development

UYFD members during  infants modern teaching training in Bulange Mengo



To improve the socio-economic well- being of communities and to particularly contribute to improve well- being through out identification, formulation and implementation of projects for the creation of employment, demolishing corruption and income generation to disadvantaged groups, semi skilled and unskilled youth of age between 15 – 45 of both sexes in Uganda to Africa a UYFD vision stands but starting with divisions, district communities to the entire country and continent

To the implementation of the above policy, UYFD is to ensure and secure the positive contribution of such Uganda youth towards the economic, social and moral development

of Uganda.

Project management

The objectives of UYFD as already explained  this include, uniting the semi, skilled  and unskilled youths irrespective of sex for  sustainable development, giving basic  development education skills ,promoting, natural skills and talents to professionalism, promote and all Uganda  youth creativity, develop and promote natural resources and general fight against poverty through creating development  activities, De-campaigning corruption, giving physical support to the youth living with Aid and do all such lawful things as may be deemed relevant ,appropriate and necessary for the attainment of the above objectives.

UYFD developmental,health,volunteering and youth empowering programs:
  • carpentry Vocational Training
  • Volunteering/Internship
  • HIV/AIDS Support
  • Basic Education and Computer training
  • Electrical Installations
  • Business Consultancy
  • Painting
  • Food services
  • Art and Crafts (For single young mothers)
  • Farming projects
  • Community Empowerment
  • Music,Dance and Drama

United Youth For Development (UYFD), is a community based organization, registered in Uganda under Lubaga division Reg. LUB/490. UYFD provides support services to children and youths as well as the teachers who are teaching the little ones at our school which is at grassroots with infants per now, we are surrounded by slums Kawaala,Kataka and Kikoni,Nabweru, Katoogo.


Project Focus:


UYFD aims at creating opportunities and empowering vulnerable young people to live a lifelong commitment to active citizenship through,developmental programs,trainings, Education and Health programs. All these are Self-help project components focusing towards social and economic emancipation of local communities.


UYFD follows the values and principles of Christianity; however, we admit and work with all denominations without any discrimination whatsoever.